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Healthy Baby Network is changing the future one baby at a time. We believe that every mother, pregnancy and birth are important. That’s why we provide resources, care, and support for families through the following programs:

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Building a community of support and sharing for mothers is what CenteringPregnancy is all about. This group meetup brings pregnant women together in order to prepare them for birth and parenting. Through a blend of healthcare education and connection, this program results in better health and birth outcomes, 33% reduction in preterm births, 10% increase in breastfeeding initiation. In 2014 alone, we reached 270 pregnant mothers with reproductive health education in 47 CenteringPregnancy groups.

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Case Management

Caring about your baby’s health doesn’t end at birth. That’s why we offer case management, through our Baby Love and Healthy Start programs, to support mothers throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Case Management includes:

  • Home visitation
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Care for up to two years after the birth of a child
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Birth Partners Rochester

Birth Partners Rochester offers critical support services to mothers.This community-based doula program creates a positive pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience for mothers. A doula is a support person who guides and advocates for a mother during birth. Doulas have been shown to reduce cesarean births up to 40%. Community based doulas are mothers and community members who are passionate about supporting women through a birth experience. They offer free and reduced rate doula services as part of their commitment to their fellow mothers.

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Our bilingual Spanish and English Outreach Workers help mothers find the best care in their communities. The success of these workers has been exponential. In 2015 alone, the Healthy Baby Network Outreach Team spoke with over 2,479 people, ultimately referring 357 people to perinatal and support services. Our outreach team brings access to care directly to our most vulnerable community members.

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Health Education

We believe knowledge should be shared freely. We provide free training to families in our community, helping to empower people to be the best parents possible. In 2014, we held 73 Health Education presentations that reached nearly 700 youth and adults.  In 2015, we reached 391 families.  Learn more.

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Community Action Network


Community Action Network drives positive community change for mothers’ and babies’ health. Using the power of collaboration, the network draws in voices from both patients and community partners, helping us to have a unified and collective impact. Click here for more information and meeting dates.

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PeerPlace Network Development

As a mother, you want to be sure that your doctors are fully informed. That’s why we developed the Peerplace Network. This health information technology resource seamlessly connects patients with needed health and social support services, and also manages a patient’s health information.

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Oral Health!

When one thinks of improving health during pregnancy, oral hygiene is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But to have a truly healthy pregnancy, good oral health is vital. We support oral health for mothers and babies with our Oral Health Advisory Committee.

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Did You Know...

Our Health Education program educated 503 women, girls, and community members to take control of their sexual and reproductive health through knowledge.


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