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At Healthy Baby Network, we offer a number of programs to help improve the well-being of current and expecting parents and their children. These are just a few of our success stories.

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Brittany's Story

“[I have to teach two] young men to be an attribute to their communities and their families. I have to make sure that they are able bodied to take care of themselves, and even me if it gets to that point.”

“I am now walking my path and the structure of my life and for that I am glad I went from by myself to boys.”

— Brittany

Healthy Moms Program

Michael's Story

“[My wife, Sarah] has taught me how to be a better man and father. I’m glad our children have both father and mother to teach them and support them.”

“Sarah challenges me to be a better husband and father.”

“I had a bad past and I’m a recovering addict. I am very proud of my family and my wife. Sarah has shared a lot of information with me on how to be there for our family. She’s shared about the importance of being a role model for my children, having a positive relationship with my spouse, and that fathers are very important in the lives of their children.”

“[My parents] gave me life, knowledge, wisdom, taught me to be a better man, and to take care of my children and my spouse.”


Parents as Teachers Program

Bonnie's Story

“When I was three months pregnant with my son, Jordan, the social worker at my OBGYN office referred me to Healthy Moms. I had a lot of things I wanted to take care of. I had really bad anxiety and PTSD.”

“[My partner, Mel] really helped me grow and become an adult. He is a great teacher and he helps me push myself every day to accomplish my goals. He is the one who encouraged me to go to Healthy Moms. He was very supportive and he even came with me to the first few appointments until I started feeling less anxious.”

“My therapist, Alise, was there with me through it all. Her kind and compassionate nature helped me come to realize I am stronger than I thought I was.”

“Being able to move forward is really important when you are a parent. Being a parent isn’t easy, but I am learning and growing right alongside my children. I don’t know if my children know it, but they are teaching me how to be a better person.”


Healthy Moms Program

Leandra's Story

“I first started in Healthy Moms around the end of August [2016]. I heard about them after being hospitalized and diagnosed with postpartum depression. I was a struggling single mother who had gone untreated for over a year and who was in a really awful place in life.”

“When the hospital told me about Healthy Moms, I was excited to hear there was a program out there that fit all of my needs in one. I needed help with diapers. Healthy Moms helped me. I needed counseling. They were there. They help with clothing and child care and they encourage and teach you how to get yourself back to school and how to prepare yourself for the work world.”

“Healthy Moms is a place where I don’t have any guilt and there’s no need for isolation because everyone understands what you’re going through. Everyone struggles differently and this is the one place where people don’t expect moms to be perfect. It was a very freeing experience when I first joined.”

“I would like to see more education on the subject [of postpartum depression] before birth as to try and eliminate that isolation and guilty feeling women often get which causes them to go unheard and untreated.”


Healthy Moms Program

Anitra's Story

“I had just found out I was pregnant and I was sitting at the bus stop – I was homeless, no job, and I did not know how I was going to take care of myself. I had to go to a shelter, pregnant. And all I could do was pray to God and pray to God and pray to God.”

“I was sitting at the bus stop, I saw the ad [for Healthy Baby Network] and I decided to call. It led me to Yolanda [an outreach coordinator]. When I say she did everything and anything to help me succeed in life it’s because she had faith in me. I had no faith.”

“I’m just taking care of little Alijah, and being the best mother I can be. I’m a pre-k assistant teacher at Volunteers of America and I’m going to school. I graduate in December from REOC [Rochester Educational Opportunity Center] with my child development associate credentials to become a lead teacher at the daycare center. After five years, I have two full-time jobs and I am not on any government services and it feels good.”

– Anitra

Healthy Moms Program

Niah's Story

“Healthy Moms gave me the encouragement that I needed. That extra boost.  I have remained resilient by trying to stay focused and remember that everything I do is for my kids to have a better future. I am inspired to remain resilient by thinking of the bigger picture at the end. Remembering everything I’m working for.”

“I hope that moms can get more help than we get now. I’d love for Healthy Moms to get bigger…I think that would be great for the community. I would like to see moms get help with goals, and child care so they can accomplish those goals. Just the motivation and support they need to accomplish their goals.”

– Niah

Healthy Moms Program

Tasheka's Story

“There are so many that Healthy Moms has made a difference in my life.  I think it all started with the Community Action Network. When I first started going to the Community Action Network, it was very informative. I learned a lot about stuff I didn’t know, and it made me want to seek out more to help other moms. Outreach helped a lot, too.”

“I always tell myself there’s somebody out there going through worse than you, and God won’t put anything on you that you can’t bear. I wake up and tell myself, ‘You’re strong. You can get through this. It will be okay.’ It’s not always easy sometimes.  My children inspire me to remain resilient; their well-being, making sure they have everything they need. And my sanity! But it’s just the way I am – my kids come first. If there’s something I need, I don’t get it unless they have everything they need first.”

“My vision for the community is to see more people helping each other, volunteering their time. People cleaning up the community, and taking care of the kids as a whole. Not just “mine, mine,” you know? If we can’t have world peace, can we have community peace? You’ve got to start small and build.”

– Tasheka

Healthy Moms Program

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