Building Women’s Resilience

2018 Annual Report

Do mothers have super powers?

Yes, you got it!

No, not quite…

Moms have super smell; 90% of moms can identify their babies by scent alone, after only 10 minutes with them! Mothers also have super hearing; by four-to-six months, near 100% of moms can pick their baby out of a crowd (of babies) by the sound of their cry.

Is Mommy Brain a good thing?

Yes, you got it!

No, not quite…

The National Institute of Mental Health, found that mothers’ gray matter volume increased by a small but significant amount in various parts of the brain within months of giving birth. The areas of the brain that grew are related to motivation and behavior. This is an extraordinary demonstration of how one prepares for the enormous task of caring for a very fragile newborn.

Does breastmilk change with the sex of the baby?

Yes, you got it!

No, not quite…

Studies have shown that the breast milk mamas produce varies in significant ways based on whether they are feeding a boy or girl. Specifically, the milk produced for female offspring (across a number of different mammal groups, including humans) tends to be lower in fat and protein than that created for males.

Letter from the Board President & Executive Director


We know that in Rochester, families are living with trauma. That we are first in child poverty. That our infant mortality rates are double the national average. What we don’t hear as often are the stories of strength. Every day our mothers and families are achieving extraordinary victories. Parenting in the face of adversity. Creating positive change despite systemic barriers. Raising thriving children in loving homes. At Healthy Baby Network, we are shining light on the profound resilience of the mothers and families who inspire our work. Come celebrate with us!

From Our Team


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Bottles of Breastmilk
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Babies Tucked
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Building Women’s Resilience

Learning from the strength of resilient women, and from current research about what factors enable healing, Healthy Baby Network will be working to interrupt the cycle of trauma to help women build resilience in our community.

Mothers are Powerful

Tasheka is a single mom who found Healthy Moms after coming to Rochester from out of state, not having any family in the area. She now helps other moms connect to resources so they can thrive.

“I think it all started with the Community Action Network. When I first started going to the Community Action Network, it was very informative. I learned a lot about stuff I didn’t know, and it made me want to seek out more to help other moms.

My children [inspire me to remain resilient]; their wellbeing, making sure they have everything they need. And my sanity! But it’s just the way I am – my kids come first. If there’s something I need, I don’t get it unless they have everything they need first.”

– Tasheka

Let Us Share Our Story With You…
Our Year in Review

Outreach Program

Outreach Program

Meeting our community where they are.

We bring care connection to our mothers and families by going to laundromats, hair salons, and other community locations. This year we connected 2093 women with care and resources, including 228 pregnant women.


Women connected with care and resources

Healthy Start

Getting to Zero

Healthy Start is eradicating infant mortality.

Getting to ZERO. In Healthy Start we are eradicating infant mortality. This year we served 604 participants from Rochester’s most at-risk zip codes and had ZERO infant deaths.


Infant mortality in Rochester is 2x the national average, but not in our Healthy Start program! All of our work is for that zero – Healthy Start saves lives.

Health Education

Health Education

Power through Knowledge.

Education is powerful. This year our Health Education program empowered 519 women, girls, and community members to take control of their sexual and reproductive health through knowledge.


Women and girls educated

Home Visitation


women served through our home visitation program

Home Visitation

We make house calls!

We make house calls! High risk pregnancies need extra care and support. This year we served 295 pregnant & parenting women in our home visitation program; bringing care and resources to where our moms need it most.

Interconception Care

Interconception Care

Mothers sometimes put their own care last. That’s why our Interconception Care program screened 627 moms for health issues at their children’s for well child visits. Mothers are connected with care, and children benefit from healthier Moms!



Fathers matter. We engaged 242 fathers this year to support the profound role of fatherhood in their children’s lives.


Our 2017 Financial Summary

Support & Revenue Expenses

Support and Revenue

Type 2017 Amount
Grants $1,517,545
Contributions $42,256
Other Income $119
Total Support and Revenue $1,550,920


Type 2017 Amount
Program $1,366,593
Management and General $178,777
Fundraising $5,000
Total Program Services $1,550,370

Net Assets

Type 2017 Amount
Change in Net Assets $9,550
Beginning of Year $67,271
End of Year $76,821

Our Team

Lauren Deutsch, Esq.

Executive Director

Sherita D. Bullock

Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative Program Director

Valerie Garrison

Healthy Start Project Director

Yolanda Sayres

Outreach Coordinator

DeVon Medlock

Outreach Worker

Vanessa Santiago

Bilingual Outreach Worker

Deanna Spiotta

Communications Director

Ngozi Nkiruka Udo

Health Educator

Dominic Coppola

Information Technology Associate

Board of Directors

Kim Hess


Monroe Plan for Medical Care, YourCare Health Plan

Alise Gintner

Vice President

Rochester Regional Health System

Mark Mandrycky


Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Lynne Scalzo


Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Jane August

Master Jeon’s World Taekwondo

Karen Elam

Jewish Federation of Greater

Javier Espinosa, Ph.D.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Brett E. Farrow, Esq.

Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow

Kristen Holdsworth

YourCare Health Plan

Tanishia Johnson

Rochester City School District

Ruth Lawrence, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Melissa Pennise

Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities

Rachael Phelps, MD

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York

Yissette Rivas

Finger Lakes Performing Provider System