Perinatal Data

Data Driven

At Healthy Baby Network, our goal is to provide mothers with the most up-to-date data about perinatal health in Rochester and Monroe County. These invaluable resources were produced with the help of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the NYS Vital Statistics, and the Monroe County Department of Public Health.

Perinatal Health Status Report

Want to be informed on the state of perinatal health in your community? The Perinatal Health Status Report goes into detail about the health of local mother and babies. It addresses many elements of health development, from biological to behavioral contributors. This report was put together with love by Healthy Baby Network, the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, and the Monroe County Department of Public Health.

Perinatal Fact Sheets

If you wish to keep up to date on local perinatal health, Healthy Baby Network has been working directly with the Department of Public Health Sciences and the Monroe County Department of Public health to report detailed perinatal facts annually.

This includes:


New York State Vital Statistics:


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