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Onesie Campaign 2017: This Onesie is Empty

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Deanna Spiotta

Rochester’s infant mortality rate is 2 times the national average.
Rochester’s infant mortality rate is 3 times the national average for babies of color.
In 2016, 60 babies in Monroe County died before their first birthday.

Why is infant mortality important to you?

Infant mortality means something different to everyone.  We want you to share why infant mortality is important to you to help raise awareness about preventable infant death.  Take a selfie with a onesie and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a caption of why preventing infant mortality is important to you.  Tag Healthy Baby Network and use the hashtag #thisonesieisempty to help spread the word!



-Facebook: Healthy Baby Network

-Twitter: @HealthyBabyRoc

-Instagram: @HealthyBabyNetwork

Use the hashtag #thisonesieisempty


What else can you do to help?


  • Donate to the Healthy Baby Network here!  Find out how your donation will help.
  • Attend our free community block party, Countdown to Kindergarten 2022 on Friday, August 18, 2017.  Find out more here!
  • Work to reduce violence; create safe places to play and exercise.
  • Build community to build resilience.
  • Create stress-free zones for the pregnant women in your family; support healthful choices of food, drink, and activities.
  • Offer to help pregnant moms or moms with young children with the children and housework, so that they can rest.


BEFORE pregnancy:

  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, taking illicit drugs.
  • Get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases and see a dentist.
  • Start taking 400mg of folic acid daily.
  • Use effective contraception until you are healthy enough to have a healthy baby.

DURING pregnancy:

  • See a doctor or midwife as soon as you think you MIGHT be pregnant.
  • Keep all your prenatal appointments.
  • Abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs throughout pregnancy.
  • Eat well and exercise daily.
  • Take time to rest.

AFTER baby is born:

  • Put baby to sleep alone in an empty crib, on his or her back every time.
  • Prevent any exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Breastfeed for at least 6 months.

About Deanna Spiotta

Deanna is the Communications Director for Healthy Baby Network.