Every Voice Matters

Our 2016 Annual Report

A Letter from the Executive Director and Board President

We are proud to tell the story of our work this year, because our story is the story of the amazing mothers and families we work with.

Despite overwhelming obstacles, the families we work with are making powerful changes to succeed together with their children.

We are honored to partner with them in achieving a better, healthier future for our community. This year, our annual report, “Every Voice Matters,” introduces you to some of our families and tells their story. Please join us in celebrating their success.

Lauren Deutsch, Executive Director & Lisa Smith, Board President

Imagine the power of a generation whose mothers planned ahead, felt prepared, and were supported by their communities.

At Healthy Baby Network, it is our goal to empower mothers to create that generation; a generation that isn’t plagued by poor health or poverty. We can do this by helping each mother make a plan; a plan to be pregnant, a plan to be not pregnant, a plan to care for her children, to return to work, or to graduate from college.

Our Every Voice Matters Project

We’ve gathered stories from mothers, fathers, and community members about their experiences with pregnancy and parenting. Hear from our families below or go to our website to hear more.

This is our story of 2016; the lives we touched, and the systems we change by bringing our mothers together with the professional community.

This year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary!

We are thrilled to have spent the last 20 years improving lives for mothers and babies in our community.

We launched our new website! Visit us at www.healthy-baby.net and follow us on social media at:

Outreach Program

Connecting families with resources all across the community

To eliminate transportation barriers, we take access directly to those in need, at locations like grocery stores, hair supply stores, laundromats, and by doing neighborhood outreach on West Avenue, Jay Street, Lake Avenue, and Joseph Avenue. We are proud of our connections in the community we serve, and have reached 2,479 women in 2015.


women reached in 2015. That’s 1100 more families than last year

Our Healthy Start Program Saves Lives

In 2015, we served 357 pregnant and parenting women.

The City of Rochester's infant mortality rate is twice the national average, with the highest concentrations in the most vulnerable parts of our community. Compared to other mothers in Rochester's 9 poorest zip codes, the mothers in our Healthy Start program entered into prenatal care early at a greater rate, and had ZERO infant deaths.


Infant deaths with our Healthy Start mothers

Home Visitation

Reaching out to the homes of the most vulnerable in our community

In our home visitation program, we reached into the homes of 470 of the most vulnerable pregnant and parenting women to provide them with personalized prenatal and child development education, and connect them with vital services.


homes reached for personalized perinatal education and vital services

Health Education

“It’s about having a conversation, and coming to a solution together with our moms and families.”

Learn More

With each educational encounter we have, we build a relationship that gets to the why and how of the challenges our families face, so we can find the right solution for each family to succeed. In 2015, we reached 391 families.

Topics Include:

Healthy Relationships

Self Esteem and Goal Setting

Baby Safe Sleep

STD and Pregnancy Prevention

Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

Collaborative Action is Powerful

By bringing together diverse professionals with the mothers and families we serve, we create community wide change.

This year our Community Action Network united with Roc the Future to connect Rochester's community wide 'cradle to career' initiative with our work in perinatal health. We have a large number of mothers and families participating.

Our membership is 25% mothers and families. Our professionals represent many sectors:

  • Community education
  • Awareness and financial support
  • Dental
  • Education services
  • Health insurance
  • Housing and neighborhood services
  • Local government
  • Mental health services
  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and early childhood services
  • Prenatal care and case management
  • Reproductive health care

Data Focus Groups

We believe mothers know the most about their own needs and listening to their voices is critical to providing effective care.

This year we've been proud to convene mothers in qualitative data focus groups as an important source of information for researchers in topics ranging from:


Placenta Biobanking

University of Rochester Medical Center


Home Environmental Hazards

University of Rochester Department of Environmental Medicine


Teen Mothers in the Workforce

City of Rochester

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Our Team

Lauren Deutsch, Esq.

Lauren Deutsch, Esq.

Executive Director

Sherita Bullock

Sherita Bullock

Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative Program Director

Yolanda Sayres

Yolanda Sayres

Outreach Coordinator

Doris Carrasquillo

Doris Carrasquillo

Bilingual Outreach Worker

Ngozi Nkiruka Udo

Ngozi Nkiruka Udo

Health Educator

Deanna Spiotta

Deanna Spiotta

Office Manager

Valerie Garrison

Valerie Garrison

Healthy Start Project Director

DeVon Medlock

DeVon Medlock

Outreach Worker

Our Board of Directors

Lisa Stauch Smith


Eagles Wings Consulting

Kim Hess

Vice President

Monroe Plan for Medical Care, YourCare Health Plan

Mark Mandrycky


Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Deborah Tuttle


The Healthcare Association of New York State

Jane August

Master Jeon’s World Taekwondo Center

Emily Barrett, PhD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Carla D'Angelo

Monroe Plan for Medical Care, YourCare Health Plan

Karen Elam


Brett E. Farrow, Esq.

Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow PLLC

Alise Gintner

Rochester Regional Health System

Ruth Lawrence, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Yissette Rivas

Finger Lakes Performing Provider System

Lynne Scalzo

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

James B. Sutton, PA

Rochester General Medical Group