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Community Collaboration
PNMC recognizes that health is not just related to medical care but also to social determinants.  We strive to collaborate and partner across sectors to align work in order to more efficiently and effectively address the health and well-being of mothers and babies across the life cycle.  PNMC hosts Networking Sesssions, participates on many coalitions, and maintains an active Community Action Network/Consortium. This September, during Infant Mortality Awareness Month, PNMC will host our onesie awareness campaign, a commemorative event for providers and families, and a conference titled Death by Zipcode No More:  How to Align Forces to Shift the Health Trajectory of a City.  Join us in saying NO MORE.  For registration and more information, click here.

Pregnant and Parenting Moms &  Dads
This site includes information about pregnancy, how to have a healthy baby and how to keep baby healthy after birth.    Click here for more information for Moms & Dads.

 Health & Human Services Providers
PNMC is a valuable resource for health and human service providers.  We offer workshops and conferences to enable providers to identify and address both medical and psychosocial perinatal issues.  This website also gives providers access to comprehensive and leading information on an ongoing basis.  Click here for more health & human services providers information.

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In the News

PNMC OUTREACH NEWS The Democrat & Chronicle recently published a “Women to Watch” article about Yolanda Sayres, our Outreach Coordinator and her outreach staff.  Click here to read this article.  Read More

In the Spotlight

AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS:  SURVIVING YEAR ONE The US ranks shockingly 56th in the world for infant mortality. In Rochester, New York, black and Latino babies die at three times the rate of white babies. Why is this happening, and what is Rochester doing to reverse these dramatic disparities? Find out in this episode of AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS. The America by the Numbers series has been airing on WXXI TV-21.  Here is a link to the episode that features Rochester, NY:      Read More

In the Spotlight

BABY SAFE SLEEP COALITION UPDATES:  The most exciting update is that we still have ZERO fatalities due to unsafe sleep practices. This is truly amazing!!! Clearly the safe sleep message is getting out into our community. But we must keep spreading the word!! Received a Greater Rochester Health Foundation to begin educating labor, delivery, and nursery staff about the importance of infant safe sleep practices and reinforcing messages with parents at Unity Hospital. It is a testimony to... 

Death by Zip Code

Death by Zip Code.  It’s a phrase we hear more and more frequently as information about the link between place and health moves from academia to the mass media.  The social determinants of health drive individual and public health outcomes, including infant mortality, to a far greater degree than the health care system.

Join the Perinatal Network and representatives from the justice system, housing, education and others for a  month-long focus on how we can change the health trajectory of our city.  Click here to learn more.

PNMC Events

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The Perinatal Network sponsors many opportunities to learn about perinatal issues and to participate in finding ways to improve the health of babies and their mothers.

Click here to see our calendar.


The Perinatal Network gives women the support they need to have healthy babies and coordinates the efforts of health and human service providers.  You can ensure that we are able to continue this work.

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